Thalassemia is a group of recessively inherited conditions. It leads to a reduction of red blood cell function caused by the hemoglobin genes mutation.

In Hong Kong, 1/8 of the population carry the related gene. (Department of Health, 2019)  

1/8 of population carry the related gene in Hong Kong. 

(Department of Health,2019)


​Most thalassemia gene carriers are asymptomatic or have mild anemia only, so they often go undiagnosed and may pass the defective genes to their child children heedlessly.

If both parents are carriers, there is about 25% chance that their children suffer from severe symptomatic thalassemia.

By Mendel’s Law:  

​Inheritance pattern

​*The actual inheritance pattern is more complex because multiple genes are involved in thalassemia.



​Thalassemia screening helps your family planning!


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