Lecture Information

 We will hold monthly seminars from time to time to provide different areas of knowledge so that people can focus on their health. 
Such as prenatal seminars, parenting seminars, allergy seminars, etc.

Member Points Redemption Program

 Members can participate in our activities or 

purchase our and then redeem the points for 

a great gift or testing service.

Membership sweepstakes and offers

   Xcelom Club may from time to time offer a members-only lucky draw 
to thank our members and customers for their for their support.

Feature Information

We update and disseminate health information from time to time to remind the public about their health. The information covers different areas such as diet, pregnancy, fertility, allergies, etc.

Prenatal checkups - What to know about prenatal checkups and important times!

Prenatal checkups are a necessary stage for every pregnant mother. There are many different items in the prenatal checkup, including the physical status of the mother and the fetal heartbeat and mobility check.

Identify your potential allergens

An allergy is a reaction of the immune system to a substance that is harmless to most people. Allergic patients have different allergic reactions and may experience mild symptoms, but severe symptoms can be life-threatening.

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