What are the differences between our standard panel and advanced panel?
Standard Panel screens for  14  validated conditions.
Advanced Panel screens for chromosomal aneuploidies of all  23  pairs of chromosomes, including trisomies and the  126  microdeletions or microduplications with a minimum size of 3 Mb.
The test results and reports from both tests are signed by our medical technologists and will be reviewed by the professor from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
* Since the advanced findings are rare and complex, insufficient data for validation may lower the accuracy. Microdeletions may occur in less than 3Mb in size, SafeT21ExpressTM only searches for microdeletions with a minimum size of 3Mb.

Pregnant women with pregnancy of appropriate gestational age as below:


Twins/ Fetal reduction


Gestational age

>10 weeks

>12 weeks

>14 weeks

We highly recommend you to do our from 10 weeks gestational age and up to 24 weeks.

No. However, it should be done as early as possible in case of follow-up action or treatment plan to safeguard your baby.

No. Fetal DNA will disappear in maternal circulation 2 hours after birth and hence, the result will not be affected by previous pregnancy.

About 5 working days. If the report is delayed, please seek help from your medical service provider.