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General Questions

Allergies (also known as allergic diseases) occur when your body produces an abnormal immune response to typically harmless substances (ie. Allergens). IgE is then excessively produced. Intolerances can mimic allergies, but the immune system is not involved.

Symptoms of allergies vary from mild to potentially life threatening, including:

Eczema/ Allergic rhinitis/ Itchy skin/ red skin/ Urticaria/ Cough/ runny nose/ sneezing/ Vomit/ diarrhea/ abdominal colic/ Asthma/ Conjunctivitis/ Delay growth/ Anaphylaxis/ Death

Anaphylaxis is a severe form of allergic reaction that causes low pulse, skin rashes, abdominal pains, throat swelling with difficulty in breathing, anaphylactic shock, or even death. The most common cause of anaphylaxis is ingesting foods or drugs that are known to cause allergies, such as peanuts or tree nuts. Anaphylaxis is an emergency and requires immediate administration of adrenaline. In Hong Kong, more than 700 children have experienced a potentially life-threatening type of allergy (ie. anaphylaxis) each year which is worrying.

Compared to those with no family history of allergic disease, having a family member with a history of allergic disease increased the risk for developing allergies. However, there is no certainty that you or your partner have allergies means your child will develop the same problem.

Where can I order IgE Allergy & Me? How much is it?

IgE Allergy & Me can be ordered from doctors or clinics. Please inbox our  Facebook  or  contact us  for our clinic list. The prices may vary within doctors and clinics. For more information, please check with your healthcare providers.